Some Information About Folk Dancing

Pointe is a leading folk dance school with over 15 years of experience. Each year, we organise three terms of folk dance classes for all levels: from absolute beginners to extremely advanced.

You’ll learn traditional dances from Western Europe, such as the waltz, Scottish, polka, jig and mazurka. The classes offer a mix of accessible group dances on the one hand, and couple dances on the other, where you will learn how to guide, follow and improvise. In the more advanced levels, more tricky variations, regional dances, musicality and reflection on the folk dancing environment become part of the course.

The teachers have experience in education, provide a safe learning environment and pay careful attention to the group dynamics during the classes. Students thus not only enjoy the dancing, but also the relaxed atmosphere and the human interaction during classes. You alsou00a0do not need a dance partner: new dancing couples are formed for each dance.

We run a diverse range of folk song, music and dance classes, courses, workshops and talks for adults.


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28 Aug 2019


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